Hiding behind a mask

“Mask, a covering for the face to set as a disguise”. Masks are worn to enshroud things from view. Today, we are wearing masks to protect ourselves from a disease.
“A mask is also used by millions of people for Halloween, hang outs, parties, festivals, masquerade celebrations and other various productions, but people still wear masks which are invisible and depict very queer and strong behaviors of individuals”.

What mask are you wearing:

A mask showing you are wealthy but deep down inside you, you know you have nothing

A mask showing you are a good person but you rage like a lion and sting like a bee if someone steps on your toes

A mask showing showing you are righteous but in your comfort zone you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing

A mask showing how humble and meek you can be but behind that mask, you are very arrogant and proud

A mask showing you love and care for people but in your home, you are monstrous and annoying forgetting “charity begins at home”

See, in this life no can ever hide behind a mask forever.
Masks can easily be unveiled and unveiling a mask can either cause you shame, lose respect from people, lose support from people and can even lead to death.

“We mask the debts we’ve incurred to pay for the lifestyle we can’t afford”. Be true to yourself to have a peaceful living!!

What mask do you wear??

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