Five Twitter Accounts That Will Make Your Stay Fun As A Newbie On Twitter.

Most people join Twitter and do not know the people to follow.Some are not able to adjust and end up deleting their account.The profiles below Trust me are the starter pack for Twitter.They might not follow back but trust me it’s worth it some even organize follow trains where you drop your handle at the comment section and anyone who sees it follows you.

1.KALYJAY-The Youngest,most influential guy on the Twitter App Ghana to be precise.Your day will never be boring knowing you follow this guy his tweets ranges from jokes,entertainment,social issues and all you could think of.

2.AMEYAW DEBRAH-He is actually a blogger and following him will keep you updated on all that is happening in Ghana and around the world, He has an interesting account there.

3. DR.HAUSA KOKO-He is very active and shares a lot of funny and interesting tweets.check his profile below.

4.BERNARD-This guy is a photoshop messiah just ask and he will make something creative and fun with your photos.Following him will expose you to his amazing talent.check his profile below.

5.ADOFO ASA-This guy is very interactive,he also tweets lots of funny and interesting stuff you should follow him.check his profile below.

There are alot more accounts but let’s save some for another day.Follow myself @nufuo_nyame on twitter for more updates.

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