Animal doctors

The fawn pulled the bandage off carefully licked the hair away from the injured area and then exposed it fully to the fresh air and sunlight. In a short time, the wound was healed.

The effectiveness of animal medicine was demonstrated to Josephine Delmont , a wild animal collector. One day, he found his pet orangutan sunning itself and holding both hands to it’s left cheek. He also saw that the orangutan had filled its mouth with clay. Three days later, the orangutan pulled out the ailing tooth and to advertise the success of his medical achievement.

And in this latter regard, we find that animals are equipped with the instinctive ability to practice preventive medicine. Both birds and animals says Rutledge bathe regularly to get rid of their bodies not only of parasites but of possible sources of infection.

They eat berries and dig up plenty of certain flower bulbs the laxative action of which helps them get into condition. We tend to think that creatures who live in the sea enjoy a continual bath, yet these denizens of the deep are constantly cleaning away dirt on their bodies. History Museum said ” It is a remarkable thing that the adjustment of organisms to their surroundings is so severely complete in Nature.

Every disease to which animals are liable , except as a transient and very exceptional occurrence, is due to man’s interference.

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