5 easy tips to reach 2K twitter followers in 7days

What if there was a way you could optimise your twitter strategy to get 2,000 followers in 7 days?

Yes! This is very possible and fairly easy to follow if you’re really committed to building up your audience on the microblogging site.

If you reading this then it means that you’re either new to the app or perhaps struggling to barely see your audience grow. Either way, you’re in good hands.

Just follow this 5 tips and see your numbers shoot up like in a week.


  1. Optimise your profile

The very first important tip is to optimise your twitter profile. The one very thing a person will likely check before hitting the follow button is your profile. Make sure your profile isn’t a turnoff when a stranger checks you up. Depending on your purpose on the app, be it business or personal, your profile picture should speak for you. It is that one thing people notice aside your username.

The next thing is to update your twitter bio. This serves as a keyword so it’s very essential to include information about you or business. ie what you do, location, website and also don’t resize your photo if necessary. All elements in the photo must be fully displayed.

  1. Engage your followers

No matter how small your followers may be, it is very needful to engage. The whole point on social media is engagement. What’s the point in having millions of followers when they don’t engage your content? When you interact with people they are very much likely to engage yours. This will increase your visibility and reach, and lead to more followers.

Respond to tweets, comments, and mentions. Over time, followers will be inclined to do yours.

  1. Plan your tweets

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is a chronological social media network. The day and time you post could determine how people engage your post.

Sending a post when your followers aren’t online means less visibility which leads to less engagement. Determining this should be based on your demographic group which makes it necessary to know your audience. Twitter offers an in-app audience overview which will come in handy when determining which time, day, or content interests your followers.

  1. Be the content you post

Good quality content gets engagement. With hundreds of tweets being posted every minute, there is a high competition for audience.

Your content must be able to stand out in the midst of many. Everyone wants to be associated with what’s good and valuable to them.

But how do you determine a good tweet from a bad one? Well, that’s the intriguing part of twitter. ‘Good’ varies from one follower to another so simply focus on adding value to your twitter post. If it’s relevant, they’ll most likely engage.

  1. Follow train

If you’re active on the app then I’m certain you’ve seen this severally. It is practically the easiest way to build up numbers if you’re not necessarily focused on engagement. This is mostly done by ‘influencers’ who boost of large followers.

They drop a hashtag and ask people to engage for a follow. This is most often done to create awareness or compared as more users on the app are implored to engage in a bid to increase their audience.

As easy as it sounds, you’ll need to exercise a little bit of caution when engaging a certain number of posts in a short period. It is advisable not to like or follow more than fifty (50) post or accounts in more than half an hour. What this means is simple; take a break (maybe 20 or thirty minutes) after engaging liking/ following 50 people in a follow train.

Anything more and you’ll risk getting your account suspended.

After all the above is said and done, GET ACTIVE. All these tips should lead to massive exposure and growth but it will be boosted if you’re active on the app.

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