“Papa No” finally revealed. You’ll be shocked to see who it is.

“PAPA NO”. The trend for the week. Not long ago, a man, seen in a pic which has surfaced on social media with Tracey Boakye, has come out to say that he is the “Papa No”, meaning, the baby daddy of Tracey’s daughter.

Aside “Papa No”‘s sayings, other features of him such as his face, ears and head resembles that of Tracey Boakye’s daughter. This has made some social media critics believe that indeed, he is the real “Papa No” and not the ex President John Dramani Mahama.

The picture is believed to be taken abroad, and is quite a recent snap. The YPD TV allegedly took this on social media and captioned it, “The Real Papa No”. This is to certify that, the “Papa No” is not any old man, but a young man who currently resides abroad.

Stay tuned for more news.

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