Man allegedly sends wife to Police Station for eating ‘anwa mo'(braised rice)

Georgina having issues with her lover Ekow Wilson, sent him to Nhyira Fm demanding that he rents a room for her and baby. She said Ekow Wilson has not been taking care of her and her baby and that he sent her to the police station for not eating well. “When I was pregnant he sent me to the police station for eating braised rice, then I was 7 months pregnant”, she said.

On hearing this, Ekow Wilson was questioned by Nhyira Fm whether the allegations against him were true. He said No to them. “This lady has always been giving me problems. She always fights with me when she sees me with another woman, accusing me of cheating which is always not the case. Most of them are my business partners. One time she cursed me that if I ever give money to any woman my head will swell and it did have effect on me. This lady is very lazy and dirty that I go to the extent of buying her deodorant. She washes inside the room. It’s because of these things that I’m no longer with her”, Ekow Wilson said.

Georgina denied and said that the only time she cursed Ekow was when he said that she smells. Even for that, she said it’s never true that she was dirty and washes her clothes in the room. Upon further investigation, it was discovered by Nhyira Fm that Goergina was truly dirty and that she can’t keep the room clean. She is currently being ejected by the Landlord for her disrespectful behavior. That’s the reason why she is demanding her boyfriend to rent a room for her.

Nevertheless, Ekow was condemned for his irresponsible act of beating Georgina and sending her to the police station for eating’anwa mo’😂

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