How to get a PayPal account in Ghana

So for a while now, some Ghanaians and other Africans
have been trying to get a PayPal account so they can
receive money from the internet when they get an online job
But unfortunately they do not have access to those because of
some people in Africa who used PayPal for fraud but there is now
a way to get a PayPal account for real.
And these are the steps involved in getting it.
So first i need you to open your web browser, chrome, Firefox or
any other one you want and type this in the search box
-Click on the sign up button
-Choose the business account not the private one
-When you get to the signing up part,change the country to Ghana
-The business name use your name.Inc e.g(Richard Homin.Inc)
-For both the addresses don’t worry, use any address you know, house address, school, church just any of them
-For the postal code use 00233
-Primary currency, leave it in dollar
-Agree and continue after ticking the box
-What type of business are you in, choose individual or proprietorship
-Product or service keyword type (Professional service) but without the brackets and don’t type anything at the business URL section
-Nationality Ghana and type your identity number after choosing identity card from your voters id, go to summary and confirm your email

After all this, you need a credit or debit card or banking card of some sort
If you don’t have any, there is one place you can get one for free
I need you to download the palm pay app from play store and start registering
You will see invitation code, type T9HV61
So finish with it and you will see virtual card, i need you to tap on it and start registering its very free so finish with it and you will get a virtual card
After getting it, you will see a number and some stuff on it, those are what you will need to confirm your PayPal account.

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