“Africa is blessed”. See the Miraculous thing discovered in Africa that is causing public’s reactions.

The study indicates that this elusive river Miracle is in the State of Enugu, often after 20 to 30 years it disappears, but this year it reappears in the state of Enugu and this time Fulani herdsman discovered it as he fed the livestock.

When he was feeding his cow he said that he unexpectedly saw water flowing out of the sand and not far from where they stood, immediately the whole field was filled with water up to 5 to 6 feet deep. In 1972 the miracle river was supposedly gone and the Udi Local Government area of the State of Enugu in 2013, over 42 years ago, reportedly had a healing river 4 kilometers downstream from the old river Orji in the so-called Source.

At once the river was discovered: the old, the young, the sick and the well rushed down to the river to take the healing water, and from the river Bath, while the mystical stream which has overflowing power and has the capacity to deliver people from the slavery of the afflicted, had been said to have delivered those who were not well.

You can see in the photographs how people from different places and gallons were crowding the area, running to get the soothing water from the river, because they thought the stream would dry as soon as possible because it is too longer according to the tradition. Some of you who went there with faith were healed of your disease and you know many people with varying philosophy and attitude in this way, some were like mare spectators, some were released from stress and some were cured instantly of their illness.

Many people are praying earnestly, since they relied on the guidance of the highest being, our Creator, the Maker of heaven and Earth, others take advantage of the population and we are selling food to those who spend hours. I honestly believed that the crowd which followed the Bread of Life himself(Jesus) and which he healed of the various kinds of sickness and infirmities when he was on earth was the crowd that Jesus Christ fed 5 breads and two fishes.

The way people seek for a miracle would have reduced the area to such great degree that they worship God as crime, banditry, kidnapping and killing, until they shrugged and still many looked for water to the extent that they were hunting, all docked by the river as you can see in the photographs. The area was crowded.

Do you think Africa is blessed with abundant natural miracles?

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