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TUESDAY 18TH AUGUST, 2020 on Jiji Maa.

Uttara tried to kill falguni

Vidhaan and Suyash getting ready to break Matki. Vidhaan and Suyash ask each other to break Dahi handi. Vidhaan says you deserve this honor, you go, I will watch you with pride, just go for my sake. Uttara looks on and thinks Vidhaan is a fool, he will always make Suyash go high. Suyash climbs the pyramid and breaks the Dahi handi. Everyone claps. Everyone sings and dances. Uttara comes in between Falguni’s way. Falguni dances. Uttara stares and wishes her happy birthday. Falguni gets shocked.

Uttara asks won’t you give me wishes for my birthday, you became a problem and came in my life last year, today I will end this problem forever. She gets the sword to stab Falguni. Niyati holds the sword and stops Uttara. Everyone sees Uttara and asks her to leave Falguni. Uttara gets angry. Suyash says don’t dare to do anything to Falguni. Vidhaan says we are her shield. Jayant says we will always be with her, did you escape from jail to take revenge from Falguni, you are getting punished because of your bad deeds, you should get life imprisonment. He asks Suyash to call police. Shom looks on and runs. He lights some crackers.

Everyone runs around. Uttara runs away. Suyash and everyone see her gone. They look for her. Uttara runs to the cliff and stops at the edge. Everyone comes there. Falguni says you thought well, if you loved your family, you would have not been here, you would have family and money too. Uttara scolds her. She says I m Uttara, I can never lose. Police comes. Uttara takes gun from inspector and asks them to back off. She threatens to kill Falguni. Falguni says fine, if you are happy to kill me, you can shoot me. Suyash asks what are you doing. Niyati comes in front of Falguni. Vidhaan stops Niyati. Suyash comes in front and says shoot me. Uttara says fine, I will kill all of you. Vidhaan comes in front and keeps gun at his head. He asks her to kill him.

He says end this chapter, you said you did all this for me. She says you are my son, I can’t kill you, no…. She cries. Shom looks on from far. Vidhaan says its better that I die that being called your son. She gets shocked. She asks what did you say, I can’t live now, I have lost to my son, this is what Falguni wanted. She cries and steps back. She thinks of Vidhaan. Falguni asks him to stop Uttara, she is moving back, she will fall. Uttara screams and falls down. They all get shocked and call out Uttara……

Sehgal Threatens Suyash

everyone getting shocked when Uttara falls. Inspector says its dangerous, I will call search team. Suyash says fine, I will go and see. Falguni asks him to come to senses. Everyone cries thinking of Uttara. Falguni says Uttara has done everything because of me, its all my mistake. Police comes and says we are sorry to say we couldn’t find Uttara’s body. Falguni asks Suyash why is he giving respect to Uttara, who has troubled Gayatri and Falguni so much. Suyash consoles him. Jayant says don’t give her much respect and angrily throws the garlands. Falguni holds the garland and says don’t do this, Uttara was your son’s mum, she did everything for her son, every mum loves her child and wanted to give him a good life.

She gives Kaikeyi and Ram’s story. She says we should also give respect to Uttara, its her right that we give her respect. They all cry. Niyati comes to Falguni and consoles. Falguni says Suyash and Vidhaan lost their mum, Jayant lost his wife, they have suppressed their pain, it will hurt them, we have to get them out of this pain. Vidhaan cries and gets Uttara’s pics. He thinks of Uttara’s words. Niyati consoles him. He says I was hating mom, now she is dead, I can’t hate her. She says she was your mum, don’t hate her. Suyash asks Falguni what shirt to wear. She helps him. He acts normal and tells her about his work. She says its good you have resumed work, Uttara didn’t love you as son, its good she is gone, we will be at peace now. He says enough, she was my mum, don’t say this. She says I didn’t wish to say this, you had hidden pain in you, I know what you are going through, its better to express pain by tears. He recalls Uttara and cries. She hugs him.

Vidhaan sees Uttara’s chair and shouts to servant. Jayant says Uttara is no more, we have to move on. Mishra comes home. He says sorry, this is imp news, I had to tell this to you, our factory caught fire in the morning, workers got bit injured. Suyash says we got an imp deal. Mishra says that deal… Suyash gets a call and asks what, we lost the deal to Sehgal industries. Mishra says yes, clients have no faith in us. Suyash says we shall go to factory. Driver says a truck has come, driver is saying its some gift for you. They check the boxes.

They get shocked seeing liquor bottles. Falguni says it has money inside. Suyash asks who has sent you. Driver says I don’t know. Suyash gets a letter. Jayant checks it. He says its deal agreement, its written that we are selling Rawat company to Sehgal company. Suyash reads Sehgal’s letter that he has ignited fire in the factory. He gets threatened. He says how dare he, dad can anyone ignite fire in our company. Niyati asks who is this P Sehgal. Suyash says I won’t be scared of this threatening. Jayant says its a confession, we can give this to police. Suyash says the letter is typed, not written, it has no value in court. He tears the letter.
Suyash asks what happened. Inspector checks his car and gets liquor and drugs. Suyash and Falguni get shocked. Suyash gets arrested….

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