He hears sirens echoing whispers into his ears
Their irresistible whispers repeatedly telling him he will never be enough
Their voices turn him into a chameleon for every new stranger
Maybe he lost himself in the process
The sirens don’t even know their power
Even though they, like boas, constrict around him
He keeps repeating the same word so loudly yet none of the sirens hear
Making him always see and do exactly the opposite of what he wants
A sensei at punishing himself yet an angel at caring for others
He never likes the state of his mind
It stacks up even the most minute of problems
He wishes things could go in the negative direction
He keeps holding tightly on to the cliff he’s always hanging on
He never wants to be left alone in this universe
He wants the voices to tell him he is not alone in this fight
His anthem reflects the same idea always, is anybody out there?
Staring eyes on him, he closes his eyes and the eyes have already been imprinted in his head
He cries out silently but his cries echoes a million times back
Do they not hear?
He keeps repeating the same word so loudly yet none of the sirens hear
Have mercy on a poor soul
Help him reverse the message he receives from the sirens
Have mercy on him, he puts a mask on his face
The mask is wet underneath from the tears
Yet no one sees nor hears
The sirens keep on singing their melody
Help the conductor change this symphony.

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