Man Snatches The Wife Of His Boss – See Why

With every single day comes it’s own happenings, and it seems this day is no different as the day ends with this very confusing story.

How far will you be willing to go if your boss/employer should forfeit your salary?

Well, just incase you are thinking, this worker just came up with a suggestion.

This employee knew what exactly to do as payback to his Chinese employer when he forfeited his salary.

It is no secret that the Chinese are gradually taking over the African trading market, and this employee found himself in the hands of one of these Chinese employers.

The man being mentioned here happened to be someone who fell at the wrong side of Chinese dealings as his due salary was not given to him when the time was due.

As stated earlier, this man had in mind the right type of payback to hand out to the boss.

The issue is said to have attracted the attention of the Zambian police as they are currently on a manhunt for him.

Do you think this is enough punishment or he went overboard?

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