I was not having money that time so I slept with Tracey for free – A Plus confirms Kennedy Agyapong’s allegations.

Kennedy Okumpreko Agyapong, MP for Assin Fosu, has disclosed that, A-Plus, has slept with Tracey Boakye, before, for free. He did not pay a dime to Tracey Boakye.

Kennedy himself indicated this on his television station, Net 2TV, Monday night, on their regular evening television show. Kennedy Agyapong also stated that, he was surprised for blackmailing the Ex President John Mahama, after he had helped her in a lot of ways.

Kennedy Agyapong also stated that, Tracey Boakye has been sleeping with tons of men for money, that is what she uses to buy her cars and other properties, Kennedy said.

A-Plus on the other side, upon hearing this info, has brought out a reply, saying he is very surprised the Assin Fosu Minister has brought this up, since it was a child hood stuff and a past situation.

A-Plus, also stated in his reply that, it is a 10 years ago stuff, and that time he was not having money to pay Tracey so he did it in instalments. Funny right…?

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