Great accomplishments made by Ghanaian youth that the country should be proud of.

Most of the things looked for in a great country depends on its development in so many forms, physically, the structures, how united they are, and how their next generation are helping out and making their nation proud. But many of the later, are doing illegal things that disgrace the country, taking narcotic drugs, stealing, murdering and many other things, while others on the other hand work their brains off to make the country a better place by looking for ways they can help themselves, their fellow youth and the country at large.

Though there are so many amazing young people out there who are making a change, these are some of the few that i can tell you about, they have been invisible for so long and the world needs to know they are making it a better place.

First is Joel Sam, this guy took it upon himself to find ways that the youth could make money online for themselves and not go out with weapons for them. Joel teaches the youth various ways they can become financially okay and fit and not depend on their parents anymore and his contributions on the social media platforms especially YouTube has helped many of the youth to get jobs online to reduce the poverty rate of our motherland.

Second is Sefah Daniel, many say he’s an underdog who has dedicated to helping people from his town magnify their musical talent to the world. This amazing icon of a person has helped many young people deliver their musical talent to the world and we truly owe him, you may not know him, many people may not, but we have to acknowledge him for a great job done, bringing his skills from musical engineering side and delivering it to us and also helping singers become known to the multitude and this gentleman also deserves to be recognized.

Next, one of my favorites, a lady who is making a difference is Barbara of the Essymens Naturals. This lady is also playing her part in such an amazing way. She teaches the youth to care for their natural hair by offering natural hair consultancy to them, and with her teachings, more and more of the ladies are now becoming prouder of their natural hair and appreciating themselves with their natural hair to the extent that, most of our beautiful ladies even use their natural hair for weddings and many occasions. She teaches them to love their natural hair and care for it and also stop the usage of the, fake hair they have been using.

And lastly a gentleman who many people call Andy Drew, this guy isn’t like those who have vital information and keep it to themselves, this guy shares his knowledge to the youth so they also find ways to go about many things, especially earning a little amount through the internet. He with the others are doing so much for the country that we have nothing to say than thank you to them.

There are so many of them out there making a difference, i may not know them all, but with the few i have enlisted above, we know there are some hidden entities among us that are doing their very best for themselves and for the rest of the youth and for that we say, good job, the world needs you and know that you matter.

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