Get free Spotify account anywhere on your phone

Everyone keeps asking, why do you do this, firstly, i would like those who do not have the privilege to be able to have access to what those who have the privilege can do and next, so everyone can get it.

Lets get going shall we. So first i need you to get a VPN of your choice, some come up requiring payments but you can get this on Google Play store for free and it is called Touch VPN so i need you to download that and install it onto your phone and follow these instructions carefully.

Open the VPN and tap on the drop down that looks like an arrow pointing down and choose United States and then tap on connect, wait a little and it will get you connected. Once connected, i need you to go to Play store and download specify, something may scare you but don’t worry, you won’t pay, so i need you to choose skip after they ask for the payment method and automatically, it starts to download.

After it’s done downloading, open the app and start your sign up process, don’t forget to choose the free plan so you do not pay okay?

So basically that’s it, you have a free Spotify account now so go listen to music and do whatever it is you want on Spotify.

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