The New Kumasi-Kejetia Ultra-Modern Market

The new Kejetia Project which started in July 2015 and cost $298 million, has finally been fully furnished.

We bring to you the exclusive video of the interior and exterior view of the beautiful Kumasi-Kejetia ultra-modern market.

The inside of the Kumasi-Kejetia ultra-modern market is a place to be if you’ve not had time to visit. It has some beautiful areas that can make you forget home.

The Kejetia market is the largest single market in West Africa with over 10,000 stores and stalls.

The market is in three phases; it comes with convenient parking area for vehicles, modern bus terminal, fire station, clinic, police station.

Crèche, community facilities with modern security features, modern sewerage and sanitation facility for the users of the market.

The facility has CCTV systems powered by a solar power generation plant on the roof, a water reservation and sewer treatment station, among others.


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