Moment with Apnet President, “Sir Flint” shares his short life story

Let me go down memory lane and recap my sales experience:

Age 1 to 7 – unemployed.

8 to 12:

Stationery, ice water, charcoal, cassava, dough, boflot, firewood, snails, onions, 

13 to 16:

Ice kenkey, bread, polythene bags, charley wartey, construction stones.

Aside the stones, these were stuffs carried on the head from house to house or at the marketplace. 

After 16, we started feeling shy.

After 16, I worked at stores. Not the one you’ll carry the stuff on your head. 

By 18, I was well into construction. From individual sites to real estate companies. KAF Estates in OYIBI. Emef Estates in Mataheko. Burreg Limited in Adenta. Etc.

After many years of construction experience, and 9 years of education in Construction Technology & Project Management, I discovered something about myself when I started founding and serving unions, associations and organizations:

It dawned on me that I was not only destined to be a builder of houses and roads and bridges but paramountly a builder of people, and policies.

God has to start you somewhere. Religiously speaking, Peter was first a Fisherman before he became a Fisher of men.

The hustle is real, bro.

We have no reason not to prosper in this life. 

Natural disasters and global pandemics may occur. Those are somewhat inevitable. 

In spite of all that, let us be positive, strong and courageous. 

Opportunities abound. Which are we readying for?

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