Mistakes Everyone Must Avoid

What Are Some Of The Mistakes You Wished You Could’ve Avoided?

1. Not properly planing my business from the beginning..

2. Not documenting some of the deals I had with people.. Some people take advantage of you since there is no documentation showing that you two are in bussiness

And also putting too much trust into people thinking they will always be there to help not knowing they also have their problems 

Before you invest in any business, be sure of the dangers and risks… Do not be overwhelmed by the profits for every business has risks….

Nonetheless, once you ask questions, measures should be put in place to avoid some mistakes…. Great care must be taken into consideration….

The fear of *trying and failing* is killing a lot of people. Most people are scared to start something new on their own and when they get the motivation to start, they go like “what if I fail”. What if you succed?

Keep trying and work for what you want.

Change your mindset. It’s everything you need to succeed.

Put in the work. 

Put your knowledge into Action.

Don’t be a deadbeat… Only talking no action.. Walk your talk..

You don’t really need motivation from me or someone to do what you want to do…. You just have to inspire yourself cos a time will come when you feel like given up.. Never give up please.. Keep trying

Don’t forget to always learn.. Read read read.. And save at least 10% of what you earn.

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