Mirror mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall who on earth is this guy
The guy who keeps on staring at me through you
Why do I feel like he is a total lie?
Someone clueless of what he has to do and what not to do
Why do I see him smile back when I smile but still feel like he’s torn apart?
Why does he look like me but it still seems our difference is wide
I look at him and I see me, well just a part
I look at him and feel like a part of him has died
Why does he look so alone?
I stare and even though I see him in you, he looks figureless, he feels like a shadow
I see a million questions in his eyes, ones I do not have answers to
I have seen him before haven’t i?
Isolated from his close ones
I see him so restrained to himself that he cannot express his emotions, his feelings
He looks like a caged creature, yelling from inside of his inside
Screaming so silently and everyone hears yet no one does
He looks like the whole world just dropped on him, but he still stands tall
He looks like he needs to escape from himself but he swallowed his own keys to his cage
Balloon-like, he keeps it all inside and keeps on enlarging
Waiting for the day he will blow
Why do I see him putting others first but him being put last?
Watching from a distance, his soul’s windows capture all that is going on but yet, his weakness hinders him from acting
Why do I see him and feel the presence of a programmed computer
Is he caged in you and in him or in him and on you?
Wasn’t he the one everyone joyously welcomed from his home home?
Wasn’t he the one everyone smiled to after he emerged from the initial realm?
Isn’t he the one everyone laughed happily when he sounded his first cry?
What then seems to be the fault?
Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me, tell me am I wrong?
Who is this creature dwelling in thee when I look at you?
Is he me? Am I him? Is he us?
Tell me mirror, I pray thee to answer my questions, give me the answers I seek I beg.

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