The post-birth bodies of women comes with a lot of evident changes in their total appearance.A lot of doctors have given information on the fact that they are mostly caused by the nature of hormones in the bodies of the women during pregnancy and after birth.

A lot of men admire the drastic changes in the bodies of their wives.Check out some of the comments of men on the post birth-bodies of their wives.
“Her body built our family.” “My wife doesn’t have a perfect body and, yes, she’s gained some weight since having our children, but I don’t care. She gave me the greatest gift of all and she’ll always be the person I want to see naked more than anyone else.” — Luke, 38

“Breastfeeding boobs are fun.” “I’ll admit it: I really, really like my wife’s breastfeeding boobs. They’re kind of like natural Nerf guns that she has on her body at all times and can always use if she needs to feed our baby. She’s not a huge fan of it, but I have squirted her in the face with her own breast milk when she’s fallen asleep breastfeeding! Sorry I’m not sorry!” — Jordan, 24

“I love seeing what her body was meant for.” “This might seem weird, but I like seeing our daughter asleep on my wife. The two just seem to fit together like lock and key. They look so comfortable and peaceful together. It’s as if a mom’s body was shaped in such a way for their children to rest on their chest. I’m jealous that our baby doesn’t lay like that on me, but it’s beautiful to witness.” —Kevin, 29

“Her body has superpowers.” “My wife isn’t the most athletic woman — she’ll go on a walk here and there, but she doesn’t hit up the gym like I do. But when she was pregnant with our son, it was really important for her to give birth naturally. She didn’t want any drugs at all, and though her labor was really long (nearly 24 hours), she never gave up. Watching her go through that made me see how strong she really is and honestly, it was like watching a superhero. It was awesome.” —Alex, 27

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