It is written, from the tips of miraculous pens of awesome poets

That words make a man

Now I stand to protest against

Your smiley eyes entangled me in a love of endless thoughts

Neither could I feel my nerves nor veins

It wasn’t long when I noticed that words do break a man

Instead of saying,

Forever, will I be your lover

You sparked your shiny cute eyes straight into mine

Then said,I’m sorry,its over

Let’s crave a path for our broken hearts

Mending those lonely smiles with tears

Will I ask for another chance to hold you tight

But that ain’t right

Letting you go and sending you far from my sight

Will my heart find peace

To overcome sleepless nights

Your departure actually brought me an awesome beauty

A glorious queen from the very depths of nature

A true African beauty with no duty

I found a woman stronger than anyone I know

Her heart very pure,just as the winter snow

Trust me,her eyes do glow

And I guess she is indeed my future

Skin smoothened with warm breeze from the north

I went on my knees and sought

Sought the favour of the most high

Each night

I never lost hope

That He helps me keep this flower forever

Thought that every night I’d rush to my bed with hopes that maybe I’d get a chance to see you when i close my eyes

Days past,today briefs me not about illusions

But great lies

You left my heart to fall

Now I don’t see you within anymore

But my newly found love gave me a chance to rise

Lift me high above all

Gave me reasons to stand tall

The voice of her,always find a favourite spot within my heart

Leaving me with no reason but to look at her wonderful smile and say

She is my world!

Night falling a marvelous star

Just to freshen me up with her undying love

With a blunt stare at that star

I only wish it was very near and clear for me to see

In this your absence

I smile now,

Because in her presence,

she has made me who I wanted to be!

-by Mastermind The Poet (Khobby Brown)-


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