How To Increase Your Sales “ SALES HACK”

`Now, The Virtual World has its own Rules, especially when it comes to selling online. 

And these rules must be adhered to, so as to enable one to make maximum profit in sales` .

Now let’s discuss some few hacks in making sales online*

What is to be shared here is not a magic portion that will work by itself if your fail to practice them diligently.

NB: There are more things to consider in helping to boost your sales online than these being shared with you today.

I will share just four of them. 

Now let’s begin.

Before that, the tool for any sales hack is marketing,

What is marketing?

`Marketing has been defined traditionally by the 4ps. `





Recently a fifth P has been added to it (People)

It’s to signify the critical importance of people in any organization.

`As an entrepreneur or business person, you need to work on your personality to attain a good brand

That should be able to sell even in your absence. `

Whether you’re extroverted, introverted, charismatic or soft-spoken, you can sell anything to anyone


I know you are probably asking, “aah, but how can my personality make me sell online?” 

Yes, Personality counts.

Is an essential Tip for Selling anything to anyone

The first thing you’re selling is yourself. Forget about the product or service. …

Listen more than you talk. Bad sales people can’t get over how amazing their product is they go on and on about it! …

Know who to sell to. …

Understand what motivates the other side. …

Keep it simple.

Be defined by your personality

It will take your brand (Personality) to get customers regardless. 


Note, `there are a lot of people out there selling the same thing you are selling, and probably even at a cheaper price but with the same quality. `

You have built a good brand that promises value. So my dear, work on yourself, Build Your Brand.

It is what makes you stand out

`Customers buy from people they believe in, not anyone at all that wakes up to post anything on social(Strange things sellers)`


`This is one thing I have noted almost 90% of people do not do.

A product or service must be able to solve a specific need(s), and such needs have to be talked about and how your product or service can be of best help to solve their problems.“`

 You have to educate your market niche.

“`For instance, if you are producing and selling Yoghurt , You have to create an online space for your prospective customers, constantly educate them about the nutritional value, the problem it tends to solve for them. How it can help reduce some diseases ,  By so doing you ain’t selling a product but you are selling value and customers pay for value not products.“`

You must sell to the needs of your customers and not to your needs. 

Don’t just wake up and start posting and sending whatever you want to sell and think people will automatically buy, maybe unless of course people are in dire need of it.

If not that, you will get about 100 – 150views, only 15 will ask for the price and 2 will reply you after mentioning the price and only UNCLE ZERO (0) will buy.

How bad that is

`So next time, don’t just post pictures about your product or service. Educate your target market` 

Number 3


`Relationship in business is key in its growth. 

So you must endeavor to connect with potential clients, andcheck up on them randomly.`

See, `Randomly call and check up on your clients, ask how their family and work (business) is doing, make them feel important and cared for, and trust me, they will always call you to make orders of your product or service.“`

    You may also resort to the use of broadcast list.

Is it not so “annoying” to see how people flood your inbox daily with their products or services without even saying a “hi”?

And lastly,


`Don’t market your product or service online only when you feel like doing so. No! `


It simply means, Show up EVERYDAY.

“`Be serious about your source of livelihood and be focused ongenerating enough profit to cater for your needs, that of your family and others.“`


Be wild and crazy about your business as if your life depends on it.

Because your life depends on it


`It is my hope that, these help you to boost your sales and enable you reap maximum profit. ` There is no shortcut in this, its just about knowing the proven strategies (The sales Hack.)

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