Who is the most intelligent criminal in history? Why?

Frank William Abagnale (born 1948). He carried out his criminal activities between the ages of 16 and 21.

Within this period :

He forged his driver’s license to seem ten years older, and then opened several bank accounts using different identities. In order to remove suspicion while cashing his forged checks, he decided to become a pilot. He forged a pilot’s license and an employee ID.

He forged $2.5 million worth of bank checks across 26 countries he had flown to as a pilot.
Shortly after he stopped working as a pilot he moved to Georgia where he became a pediatrician. He quit after he almost killed a baby.

He then moved on to work as a lawyer claiming to have graduated from Harvard.

When he was arrested in 1969 twelve countries sought his extradition.

While he was in prison he posed as an undercover inspector and this made him receive special treatments. He was able to escape from prison but was re-arrested.

He was released on parole, the condition being that he must work for the FBI. Till this day Frank still works for the FBI.

Each of those three professions he impersonated takes years before anyone could practice them.

How was he able to work as a doctor without going to medical school.
a lawyer without being to law school.
a pilot with no training.
I don’t know how he was able to pull this off. But this can only be done by a highly intelligent criminal.

The most intelligent criminal in history is still alive today and he is Frank William Abagnale Jr. Check his recent photo below.

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