Tides have turned and time has rolled
The sun retreated and the moon strolled
Seconds are past and hours are yesterdays
Beautiful is now a word we used to say in the later days
Now there is a new melody
The universe has become a prisoner in custody
The listeners wishing time could rewind itself into a new beat
Where the rhythmic flows would be pleasing ones
So everyone would calm down in their seats
But the word of the century now is β€˜once’
There is a new melody
Its sang by almost every economy
Sounds of distress not seeming to become less
A nation and her people run into hiding
Trying to hide from the newest melody
The terrifying never-ending symphony
It just keeps on creating its harmony
Those close enough to hear fear what they see
Chests going up and down and inhaling yet breathes eventually cease
Oceans of liquid gushing out from the poor vessels yet no one can help
Lungs filling with oceans of water, stubborn oxygen refusing to come in and wicked carbon dioxide refusing to come out,
Eyes on the ones affected by the melody but hands are tied
Loved ones crossing over to the other side
The others left to face the remainder of the tide
This is the new melody
Time refuses to rewind into a new harmony
It’s a never ending symphony
And we all ask the same question for when we will be free.

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