Protect Your Flyers Moments Episode 2 – Eat for your skin


Babies are naturally adorable. We love them for myriad reasons, but eminent of all is, the newness inherited by their effortless “beauty”. “Beauty” is one word that is hard to define so, we just nod to the fact that it will always lie in the eyes of the beholder. However, the process of aging is inevitable.

No metaphor fits the reality perfectly as the words of William Butler, the famous Irish poet, who said – “The innocent and the beautiful have no enemy but time.” The once firm and composed skin would lose luster and wrinkle. It is called Aging. 

How will you Age?

You can’t put a permanent hold on the process. It’s obvious. But here is the thing – Our parents are good indicators of how we will age; according to Diane Irons in her Age-Defying Beauty Secrets. Bluntly put, females tend to take after their mums’ appearance-wise, whilst the guys take after their dads.  

Don’t open your gallery yet, not so fast! You might be tempted to judge. There is a silver lining to this dark cloud, which is – Though you can’t stop the reaction, you can control the rate. It works, it’s a well-guarded ancient secret. Let’s find out.

How to control the process biochemically.

  1. Daniel’s approach

I would very much appreciate it if you remain open-minded as I explain what I meant by Daniel’s approach. I’m neither a theologian nor a pro-vegetarian. 

Now, according to how the story was narrated in the Bible (Daniel Chapter 1), Daniel and his friends opted for a diet of vegetables and water instead of the king’s food. I do understand some theologians argue that the king’s food was non-kosher, for which reason they didn’t want to defile themselves. They further argued that the Babylonian’s loved pork and donkey meat which formed part of the king’s food – these are non-kosher by the way. I respect all these views, but for this episode let’s focus on only what they opted for. 

Fast forward, the story records – in verse 15 – that they were better in appearance and had taken on more flesh than their counterparts. 

Away from the story, in her book Facing Eastwhen Norma Karmali (a 75-year-old fashion designer/model) was asked by Dr. Yang for her daily checklist for preventive care biochemical-wise she said: 

“I drank a lot of water today. It’s really important to remain hydrated. I also drank green tea. As we all know, it’s loaded with antioxidants and reduces free radicals in our body, so our cells get an added level of protection that keeps them from aging. I also had a mixed greens salad…”

The essence of both stories has to do with their correlations – water and diet vegetables. Why these two? Water because, there is something called TEWL – trans epidermal water loss. That is the process by which water crosses the skin barrier from the inside to the outside. The rate at which this happens is tied to how hydrated your skin is and how well it retains moisture. The TEWL must be kept at minimum levels as possible. Daniel understood this; hence he and his crew were reported to have taken on more flesh.

Vegetables, simply because of their water content as well as vitamins A, E, and C which the skin needs actively. I would touch on the place of these vitamins in subsequent episodes when it comes to the issue of facial serums.

2. Healthy fats

The last part of Karmali’s answer goes like this “… I also had a mixed greens salad with poached salmon drizzled with extra virgin olive oil for lunch.”  She understands the place of the omega-3s and 6s in nurturing the skin. Healthy fats such as the Omega -3s and 6s are not only good for your skin, they’re equally good for your brain. 

3.Avoid excess processed sugars

Endeavor to stay clear from refined sugar products. Research has successfully mapped out a positive correlation between refined sugars and acne. After consumption of such products, your insulin levels shoot up, this triggers the production of more sebum. Overproduction of sebum- an oily waxy substance produced by the sebaceous gland in the skin ,may easily clog the skin pores – this begets acne. 

By now, it’s obvious that your skin needs water, vegetable diet, omega 3s, and 6s to slow the aging process biochemically. You may want to start engineering your diet plan to be more skewed towards veggies, if you really want a healthy skin.In the subsequent episodes, we shall talk extensively on knowing your skin type and its specific needs.Until then, remember to always stay hydrated.


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