Legit way to get access to Netflix for 30 days (Absolutely legit)

Crazy right? Someone shows up out of nowhere and tells you there is a way to get access to Netflix, a website that demands payment but he says you can get a 30 day free trial even though you have tried a million times, it doesn’t work but he says he knows a way to get logged in for 30 days, well, just read what he has to say, try it out and thank him later because he knows it will work a 100%.
So to begin, these will be your requirements, an internet connection,
a web browser (chrome or Firefox or Waterfox or any other browser), a VPN (Virtual private network), an email account and a phone number, oh and lastly some cash, just joking there is no cash needed well it will be needed after the 30 days free trial and you want to use Netflix again or maybe, i can teach you a way to get this free subscription all over again.
This my friend, is how it is done, firstly open your web browser and go
to settings, there, clear all history, cookies, cache and stuff then follow my
Now what you want to do is to download a VPN, the reason why you
need this VPN is to be able to get a US IP address or it won’t work. As a matter of fact you can use any VPN you want but know that you have to pay for them but one i recommend for those using phones is from (nxgturl.com/W99Fd) ,you can also use but it comes with a price, cyberghost VPN and you can get it from (https://myviptuto.com/download/download-cyberghost-vpn-for-windows-2020/) here. I want you to download and install any VPN you want and please when you are searching online for one, type some thing like this “Open source VPN” and this will show you some of the various free VPNs .
Then you will have to sign up with just your email and a password, do this, they will send you a confirmation mail and when you receive it, tap on activate and go back to the cyber ghost window, click on log in and boom you’re in.
Next,You will have to choose a country from a drop down that will
appear and please choose the US not the Netflix but the Washington one or
any other US one there.
It will take like 2 minutes or less depending on how strong your internet connection is and once it is connected, you will see a set of digits and that my friend is the IP address, remember this VPN is active for just 24 hours but that is all we need , it won’t affect anything, so phase 1 is done.
Now open your browser and open the Netflix website with Netflix.com type in your email and click on the 30 days free trial button and that is all you need to know because the rest are just your usual registering process but don’t get scared about the amount displayed there, they will tell you to choose one plan for after the free trial choose any but know you are not paying, they will ask to link your PayPal or debit or whatever payment method, if you do not have any of these, i will be posting how to get a free PayPal account in GH soon so welcome to the Netflix family.

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