Go for a WIFE not a VIRGIN.

Some guys think virginity makes a good wife. Virginity is a pride to a woman. After your first copulation, it will exist no more. So don’t marry because she is a virgin, marry because she’s a wife.
A good wife,is a crown of the husband. Seek that good wife. Womanhood is a cycle: daughter to wife to mother. Any lady who fails as a daughter is a mistake for a wife.
Because a lady is trained as a daughter to become the crown of her husband. Marrying a virgin is a pride but it does not guarantee successful marriage. Seek the good qualities that make a woman a wife. To those of u guy who are single, find a wife, I mean a good wife. Don’t ruin your marriage for the want of a virgin.

virginity does not guarantee a successful marriageā€¦. And for the virgins acquire the good Qualities of a wife, don’t make that pride you kept so long to the last day become a waste.
If you marry a virgin with the qualities of a wife, then your blessed twice.

5 thoughts on “Go for a WIFE not a VIRGIN.

  1. A very nice piece from you. I also used to think marriage is about finding a virgin, but thank God it has been cleared

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