The Slave

His every movement is determined by his master
His destiny is in the hands of his master, was he sold because they thought he had no value?
Or was it the greed for money? Or is it that
they are better off without him?
How can one’s value be determined by money? Or does that justify the
saying that money runs the world?

The maltreatment is that which leaves a mark of a remarkable moment
of sorrow!
His tears are not enough to relief him of his pain
The pain he feels reminds him of how he was rejected by his people
He has no one to run to, because his help only cometh from the Lord
Little did they know that happiness grows when it is shared!

Silence sometimes sings in it world a song of sorrow
They hate how their mornings begin with hunger and hard work, the irritating order from above
Checking their work every minute with whipping ropes, chains on their
legs, after tormenting them each second just to say, finish harder you slaves!

They shut their eyes and enjoyed every single pain of our fathers!
And when they enter their rooms, the walls smell like their stinking bodies because water doesn’t touch it as food is even a problem
Let’s run, they plan but fail to
Their departure to the white land reminds them of those buried in the room of no return

Their smile is due to unlimited sorrow and pain because they believe nothing is more painful than pain
The women are like prostitutes who only bath when the commander needs their services
The refusal of rendering service to the commander attract punishment of being tied to some kilometers of pole deep down the earth under the scorch sun

The story of our fathers are told over and over but how do we celebrate our freedom?
Is it through bribery and corruption?
Or allegiance to our Masters who enslaved us?
Are we truly free?

By: Emsco.B


105 thoughts on “The Slave

  1. Are we truly free indeed????
    Africa needs to wise up
    This can be done individually and together
    It’s time we stopped the ‘pull me down’ syndrome. Support each other’s positive and honest efforts.
    Wise up charleeee

  2. emsco, this is overwhelming. You educate us on not just Christian values from your other write ups. But you also sensitive us on the history of our land. Keep up the work.
    The world will one-day celebrate you. 😊

  3. I’m overwhelmed. Emsco, you’re doing exceedingly well. You have a broad knowledge. You sensitive us not only on Christian values from your previous write ups. But you also educate us on the history of our country. Thank you for teaching me. The world will hear of you. Keep up the good work. I’m proud of your perseverance and dedication.

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