The Assistant

Meryl could barely sleep a wink throughout the night. She kept thinking how lucky she was. Even though the job description is way below her credentials, half a loaf they say is better than none. For the last two years she had been living off her best friend Jeannie. Life after graduation wasn’t easy at all. Going from one job interview to another without any result was really painful. Her mother didn’t make it any easier with her constant nagging about her not getting any younger for marriage. Meryl moved in with her friend because her mom was going as far as setting her up on blind dates with her friends’ sons and it wasn’t funny anymore. When she came down Jeannie had prepared breakfast, they ate and wished each other a good day and went to their various destinations.

Meryl had just been given a job in the biggest advertising company in the country. She is the new assistant to the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Evans Sam. Mr. Sam is one the most eligible bachelors in the country and he is every woman’s dream. He is handsome and rich but also a known “playboy”. When she got to the office, he hadn’t yet arrived so she arranged the files and went over his schedule for the day. Mr. Sam arrived 30 minutes later when Meryl had settled in fine. She went to his office to go over his schedule with him. “Good morning Mr. Sam”. He didn’t even respond. “Sir, you have two meetings today”. He didn’t even let her complete her statement” You’ll be handling all of my personal issues as part of your duties. I hate excuses and laziness and when I ask you to do something, you do it before complain. You’re excused”. “Yes Sir”. It was at that moment that Meryl knew that her job wasn’t going to be an easy one. The rest of the week was hell for Meryl. Nothing she did was good enough for her boss. Worst of it all was that he asked her to break up with one of his girlfriends on the phone for him. She spent with her best friend Jeannie watching movies and eating ice cream to make up for a stressful week she had.

Meanwhile,Evans’ mother had been bugging him to get married. He is an only child and his mom still treated him like a child. “Evans, honey you really need to get married. You’re 28 and you’re already well established, what else are you waiting for?” “Mom,I’m still searching for the right girl”.His mom had already set him up with several girls but none of them worked out. “Alright, but if you don’t get a date at the dinner for next two weeks, I’ill get you married to a girl of my choice”. Evans was confident he’ll get a girl to accompany him after all he had several ex girlfriends.

On Monday morning,Meryl came to work early as usual. When Evans came in he was rude as usual. At the end of the day Meryl was exhausted. The rest of the week went by quickly and Evans still didn’t have a date. He was becoming desperate and needed to act fast. He started calling his exes and none of them wanted to go with him. He was left with a week and he knew his only option now was Meryl.

Is Meryl going to agree to go with Evans??

Watch out for Chapter 2

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