1. Great Players Never Stop Learning

Great piano players know a great deal about playing the piano well, but never think they have learned everything.

So, they never stop reading about other styles or watching other great players play. They research about multiple techniques to get over their plateau (yes, even great players experience it!). They ask advice from their teachers or tutors.

In short: great players constantly seek proper instruction as it goes hand in hand with practice.

2. Great Players Practice with Enthusiasm

You’ve guessed correctly that great players are the ones who don’t skip piano classes. But that’s not the end of the story.

Great players understand the importance of keeping the enthusiasm high in improving their skills. When they practice, they give it their all and do it with passion.

3. Great Players Set Goals – and Crush Them

Let’s be honest, shall we?

When you sit down in front of your piano, do you have a specific purpose in mind? Or do you just practice aimlessly?

The bad news is, aimless practice will bring you nowhere and is actually worse than not practicing at all. 

4. Great Players Analyze Their Mistakes

Are you practicing for hours? Good!

However, to make you great, it’s not the numbers of hours that matter; it’swhat you do with your mistakes.

Repeating mistakes will never bring you far, no matter how many hours you’re at it. That’s why great players always make time to analyze.


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