Let’s get this over again

Just rewind the beat

Now take a seat

Let’s talk about my pain

You’ve asked for a breakup

Yes,no doubt

Just give me another chance

And I promise to sit up

Give me another day

To see that glittering eyes

If this our love dies

My heart can never forgive my brain

Breaking up with you

I won’t gain

Would be like I’m insane

To make such an incomparable wonderful damsel

Like you to go

Even though, your love I can’t sue

But all I can do is plead

Let this our love seed grow

Don’t mind the rumour, cut away the weed

Because you have a nice sense of humour

With you by my side

I get the reason to laugh

Your smile takes me to dreamland

In your nice facial ride

I see our future to be nice

Boasting everyday

That we are the only ones,

our love is able to stay

Till now,we are still lovers

And one day would love to make you,

the bearer of my priceless ring

Then with your marvelous voice

For me,a song,you’ll sing

Not to talk of your ability to dance

I can’t stand my stance

That day,you’ll do the dancing

Whilst I sit to watch

The truth,I must say;

I sleepwalk

I dream talk

I take tea with fork

Dislike pork

I only put on a sock

I failed in my last mock

Kicked a huge rock

Received a hard nock

For my website, I bought a new padlock

To write a test,I got myself a chalk

Fought with a peacock

Stoned a hawk

Did all that when I saw your picture on the wall

I’m mad over you girl!

-by Mastermind The Poet (Khobby Brown)-

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