Lebanese government resigns in wake of Beirut’s explosion.

2020 has been a bad year for Lebanon as they have witnessed a pandemic and a massive explosion which has left the country in a state of havoc. The explosion which occurred last week Tuesday , 4th August has killed at least 220 people and injured not less than 6000people in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut.

Last Monday, the prime minister of the country, Hassan Diab announced on midnight in his address to the nation that his government and himself have resigned in the wake of the explosion. He described the blast which occurred earlier this month as a “disaster beyond control”.

He added that his government has fought “valiantly and with dignity” but “between us and change is a big powerful barrier”.

He said the explosion has prompted his government to resign. “We have decided to stand with the people”, he added.

Meanwhile, since Beirut’s blast, thousands of people have taken to Lebanon’s streets to protest. The FBI has announced that they will help in investigating the causes of the explosion.

Lebanon is now tasked with fighting a pandemic, recovering from an explosion and finding a new prime minister to lead the country to glory even in its state of crisis.

Let’s continue to pray for the country.

Source: CNN.com

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