Here Are The 7 Types of Women No Man Should Marry

While we all testify no one is perfect, there are actually a few things that would affect a relationship adversely if one does not choose the right partner.

Today we present to you the types(7) of women a man should probably think twice about before making her his wife.

  1. The Selfish Woman:

If you want a happy and a cheerful home, then I would not advice you to mingle with a selfish lady. A lady who is determined to make sure everything is about her and always comes first would not be able to build a loving ang cheerful home with you.

2. The Bitter Woman:

A man must not settle with someone so bitter as it is guaranteed that when the opportunity arises, she would hurl hurtful insults and intense, hateful words due to all her unresolved anger.

3.The Materialistic Woman:

Any woman obsessed with material things will certainly not be a good wife. If all she cares and thinks about are material things over faith, family, and spirituality, then she will not make the best wife and certainly not the best mother.

4.The Party Freak:

She is always dressed in flashy clothes and is ready to attend any party at all time. Her mind is always on the next big gathering and can’t say NO to any invitation. Such a woman might not be type you would like to make family with.

5. The Flirty:

This type is always moving from man to man like a bee would move from flower to flower in search of nectar. Be ware with such women because such a habit would be hard to break after marriage and you would not want to see your wife flirting with other men.

6. The Disrespectful Woman:

If she is always being disrespectful and rude if not to you but other people, then you need to think twice about marrying her. Respect is a very crucial attribute in who we choose the rest of our lives with so it is not something that we should take lightly.

7. The Gossip Type:

Is she always poking her nose in other people’s matters? Is she always talking about what others are waring or eating, or how they are living their lives? Then you do not need this kind of lady as a wife. A man needs a woman that he would build a home with and this requires her focusing on her own plans and the wellbeing of the family. If she is too busy monitoring someone else’s life, then you are fighting a loosing battle,

What do you think about our list? is there another type we didn’t mention, or you probably don’t agree with our list. Let us know in the comment section.


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