All I need is time,time!

Haven’t lost too much,
I just don’t wanna live my life full of this much rhyme,rhyme!

‘Cos the feeling is so deep within the line,line!

That although all the words are mine,mine !

But I’m caught within sleep in bed awaiting the long sunshine,shine!

The pain is devastating and standing is way too hard for the spine,spine !
As I said,I’m done with the life of a rhyme,rhyme!
If it’s all to end
That would be great
I’d love an honest living than to pretend
But life ain’t real
There’s much to spend than to earn
Nothing good is left of life to learn

It’s kinda weird with feelings you can’t locate
Yet grooves within the space of the heart
Spinning it’s waist and body to the stressful heartbeats
Leaving you to chock on hiccups
Covered sorrow drowns you down to suffocate
Nothing worse than that
More like unworthy fleets
It’s more like I’m bound to a sorrowful pact
You may feel my smiles
Down below I have tons of pain packed like a million piles
Hidden from the eyes of many
Living but not born
Neither am I pregnant with happiness
You see what you’d love to see
And within me
Is an unborn grief
That awakens every night
As set free by my cold bed

All I need is time, time!

-by Mastermind The Poet ( Khobby Brown)-

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