The Soul’s Hustle

Sometimes God overturns and messes up our well laid plans,
Wreaks havoc on our sensible
And muddles through our good looking arrangements.
He ploughs through our good intentions and lays down His will,
Sometimes in all aplomb, sometimes with such crafty subtlety we don’t see it coming.
I will admit that it is bewildering, that the Great God we have in mind,
The Humongous One who is larger than the expanse of sky,
Is concerned with the nitty-gritties of our lives.
But what do I know about God’s will?
These are simply words that fell into my spirit and I decided to pen down.
I believe God Himself is more woven into our lives than we think.
Closer than a brother and nearer than the clothes that cover our bodies.
He looks upon us with love, gently molding us,
The Creative Potter that He is, into vessels of His glory
The Good Lord orders our steps with precision and unerring accuracy
Make no mistake, God cannot be ridiculed
In His time, He makes all things beautiful
He painstakingly and patiently weaves the details of our lives
In the magnificent quilt that represents the grand scheme of things,
For His pleasure.
He truly is the Great I Am, is He not?

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