Mama’s words I would never forget

A man born with a vision

With God giving him all the provision

Inspired by Coup d’état 

He dreams of becoming a president someday

To make Ghana, our beloved country, great again

Nature nurtured him well

Fate had faith in him

Grace found him

And suddenly, his dream became a reality


Harassed and abused with words by many

Surrounded by folks with tiger’s claws ready

To steal all of the state’s money

And fill their belly

With beer and butter

Making their belly fatter

And their pockets feel better

He was pushed into the pit of illusion

Yes! in this pit he saw an illusion that Ghana was getting better and better

Illusion mostly sponsored by his propagandist folks

#Transforming Ghana, #ChangingLives’ posts

Made my man sit back

Sipping his “Sobolo” in his leadership boat


Oh! Mahama

Mama’s words I would never forget

What happened to Mahama?

A man full of light, honor, dignity and integrity

But was blinded by his folks

What happened to all his majority votes ?

Indeed, what a young man cannot see whilst standing on Mount Sinai,

an old man under an Olive tree can see and see further

Ghana has spoken, Ghana has chosen

I humbly pray our Old man won’t be caught up in this dogma of POLITRICKS

I rest my case …

By: Desmond Evans

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