Yeji highway robbery: One dead and several injured

One person has been shot dead with six others in critical condition after a robbery attack at Yeji in the Bono East District.

The robbery attack is reported to have occurred at Kobre around 5:15pm Tuesday evening.

Adom News’ Daniel Takyi giving details of the robbery Dwaso Nsem C J Forson said the robbers, numbering three and wielding guns, stood in the middle to fire shots to force moving vehicles to stop.

“In spite of the indiscriminate warning shots I refused to stop but I sensed danger and had to stop,” the driver of the robbed vehicle told Daniel.

According to Daniel’s report, the deceased was shot and killed by the robbers for attempting to escape from the robbery scene.

The six injured persons are currently receiving medical treatment at the Mathias Hospital in Yeji.

Passengers attacked were mostly market women traveling from Kumasi to Yeji to buy farm produce as a result, the robbers made away with various sums of cash and other valuables.

The armed robbers were said to have fled away from the scene several minutes before the police eventually got there to save the victims from the situation.

The robbers succeeded in stealing other vehicles and motorbikes on the same stretch of road.


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