~ Edmond Yaganomo Saavielung

The Street Child
Agitated to live
Anxious of tomorrow’s bread
Whilst empty on the belly today
Leaning into shapeless dreams
When night falls

I walk lurching
Through the unlit
Unknown streets crowded
With mystery misery and mess
Terror overwhelms me

On lucky nights
My body dances to the cold winds of the east
Sometimes swim pools of waste
And enjoy painful intimacy with beasts
Who have no pity for humanity

These nights I hate
But itโ€™s the rules! they yell at me
So, I lay helpless moaning
And hoping to see sunrise
But these beasts never have pity on me

Education is a story, I was told
Privileged for the Pharaohs and princesses
Kayayo and Kalebule for the woman in breast
Pick pocket and theft for the man with chest
Beatings, defilement and beatings again
For the female child with the bane

But I sleep helpless again
Wake up to see sunrise with the bane
And the bitter taste of tomorrow
Anxious to live and with sorrow
But the rules remain

All seem gloom and doom
No savior
Only survival
When tired of fighting the nights beasts
I carry a child behind with three fathers
Born bread and left on the streets
To tell the story again and again

~ Ed murphy

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