Meet the dog richer than all musicians in Africa

German Sherperd Gunther IV is arguably the richest dog and animal in the world. Gunther IV was left his fortune by his father who inherited $106 million from his owner the Countess Karlotta Libenstein in 1992. Today, thanks to promising investments made by Gunther’s trustees, Gunther is richer than all musicians in Africa, his estate is now worth an estimated $372 million.

Unsurprisingly, the dog’s fortune will increase every year. Gunther’s acquisitions have since included real estate in the Bahamas, Germany and Italy, and a Miami property once owned by Madonna. According to Reader’s Digest, in 2001 Gunther even appeared with two minders at an auction in northern Italy, “where he successfully bid three million lira for a truffle.

Did you ever imagined a dog will be richer than your favorite musician in Africa?

See some adorable pictures of Gunther IV below.

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