D Jay shares his heartbreak story and talks about his new song

D Jay , sensational upcoming Ghanaian musician, talks about how he met a lady. He said in his video that, he really fell into love pit of the lady, whom he thought was the one . But in the end , it all ended in tears. When he calls, she never answers and isn’t able to reach out to her. So he made a video on his Instagram page which he captioned it ” I hope she sees this”. So he has made a song to express his feelings to the heart breaker lady ,which he is about to release. I can’t wait to see the lady who broke the heart of this good looking guy. Bosom Pyung was once said “3maa y3 f**king”. Only Ghanaians will understand it, so if you don’t understand just find a Ghanaian to explain it to you. Breaking heart is a very sad thing to experience in life. I hope we all know that. Sometimes you think you are in love with someone, thinks she or he is the one you will get married but all of a sudden excuses comes in and then the relationship is gone forever. Let’s all try to wait patiently for the one and to avoid this I think , we should tell people how we feel if they love us back or not. If yes , you continue and if no , you keep searching.

Check out the video he made below.

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