Continuous assessment of students should be taken seriously – Anis Haffar

A renowned Ghanaian educationist and founder of the GATE institute, Anis Haffar, has asked the management of Ghana’s education to begin taking a continuous assessment of students’ performance seriously.

He explained on the Sunrise show hosted by Alfred Ocansey on Tuesday, August 11 that this will help the students and parents keep track of their academic performance, a situation that will avert shocks that come along with final examination.

Anis Haffar said: “Going forward we have to begin to look at continuous assessment so that a person’s life does not depend on the last week to assess whether he will be to going to a particular place or not.

“A continuous assessment is very important because what it does is that right from the beginning it keeps a record of your progress so that you are not surprised.

“So, in form one you have an idea where you are. At the end of form two, you have an idea where you are and where you really have to excel and in form three you know exactly where you are situated.”

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Ghana Education Service (GES) Council, Michael Nsowah, has revealed that the SHS students who destroyed school properties over the WASSCE are going to be surcharged.

He said on the same show that although the President has asked for their punishment to be relooked, a call that has been accepted, but the students will be made to pay for the damages.

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