5 Things to check out before applying for a Job.

Imagine that you just found a job and it looks as if it fit perfectly. The job is for a company for which you would love to work and you meet all the qualifications of the employer. How good can the job posting be?

It is important to take a couple of minutes to read the job posting carefully and think of it as a guide instead of asking for the job immediately. This process will help you develop a better strategy to get you noticed by the employer for your application.

If you find work posting to be a lead, there are five important factors you need to do before you submit your application:

Update your Social Media Profile.

These days because technological advancement, the presence of people on the internet has become so huge and grows as time goes by and as a result, organizations has also gotten the advantage to reach out to customers online and also reaching out to potential employees(job applicants) to find out more about them.

it is very important to update your social media profile to fit in whatever Job you are applying. I don’t mean update your profile with a fake information but it has to look professional. The organization will check what you normally post, your interest and the skills you have and so therefore if they don’t see any of these things, it may reduce the probability of employing you. As a Job Seeker, LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms you should find yourself because that is where these employers are.

I will later prepare an article later to talk about LinkedIn in details.

Research about the company

After reading the company’s job description, it very necessary to find out the background of the company by going to their website or any appropriate source to get information about the company and also find out what they do. This gives you a clear ‘picture’ of the company or organization and so therefore you take into consideration how to present yourself to the employer to increase your chance to be picked.

Find out the Contact Information of the Hiring manager.

After you’ve done some research about the company, it’s time to find the hiring manager. By locating the hiring manager, you’ll be able to customize your cover letter and make sure your application lands in the right hands.

Sending your job application to the hiring manager is more effective than applying through the job posting because it enables you to have direct contact with the employer. This way, you don’t have to feel like your application went into a black hole after you applied for the job.

Reach out to current employees.

When you have no ties to the employer, contact the workers working in the department where the company is recruiting. This is a great way to network through the back door and sneak your way into a business.

When you’re able to contact any of the staff, connect them via LinkedIn or email them. Introduce yourself and explain that you are interested in learning more about their business. Such workers can be able to give their boss some advice about how to apply for the job and some insight into what it is like to work.

Tailor your resume and cover letter to the position.

You should be able to write a resume and cover letter, which is tailored to the job, after collecting information from your research and networking. Use the expertise that you have acquired to build an application that reflects your interest in working for the company.

You would be assured to stand out from other job seekers if you follow these measures before applying for a job. While this approach takes a little bit more time to apply for the job, you’ll be glad that you’ve gone above and beyond.

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