Uses And Benefits Of Cassava Leaves

There are many plants which have tremendous benefits to man. Some for food and others for medicinal purposes. In the treatment of many diseases, many plants are used. Compared to orthodox medicines, herbal medicines do not have much side effects. But the herbal medicines do not work effectively and as quick as the orthodox medicines . Some plants also have spiritual benefits to humans. They help to bring good luck to the users. Others too , like cassava leaves, are used to drive evil forces.

It is believed that when one is facing spiritual attacks, keeping a substantial quantity of the leaves under his bed and sleeping on it will help. The leaves can also be kept in the pocket or cloth when moving from to somewhere. The cassava leaves will render any spiritual attack to be powerless. Sometimes, some ailment has no medical explanation. It only points to the fact that the sick is facing some sort of a spiritual attack from malevolent people. Cassava leaves can be kept under the pillow as he sleeps. The leaves can also be put in the mouth for a period. Is it not wonderful how common herbs or leaves could have benefits which seem to be out of your reach? Try it and see it’s efficacy!

Another Benefit of cassava is that it is food to many people. In the preparation of some dishes, cassava leaves serve as vegetables. They also contain protein and vitamin C. Wall geckos are considered as nuisance to many people. If you want to get them out of your room, cassava leaves can do the trick. Collect as much cassava leaves as possible and keep them in the room. Within just a short period, the creatures will be put of your room and will not return again. This is yet another important benefit of this great plant.

When you are having a headache, cassava leaves will help. Put the leaves in a bowl and add water to it. Boil is it for sometime. Drink the liquid till the headache is no more. Remember that when the leaves are overboiled, the liquid becomes thick and acquire a nauseating taste. The leaves can equally be grinded with water added to it. Extract the liquid and use it as natural remedy for fever and headache.

Using cassava for food also helps in preventing constipation.

source: Opera News

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