Reason Why Every Three year old Boy hate his father

According to Freud, each male and female youngsters enhance strong high quality emotions towards the mom due to the fact that she satisfies their needs. Likewise, both male and female resent the father, because he is viewed as a rival for the mother’s interest and affection. These feelings persist in the boys but alternate in girls.

The boy begins to worry the father as the dominant rival, and this worry becomes castration anxiety. That is, the boy develops the concern of losing his penis, in view that they are assumed to be responsible for the fighting between him and his father. The anxiety reasons a repression of sexual want for the mom and hostility toward the father. The boy identifies with his father , thereby gaining vicarious satisfaction of his sexual impulses towards the mother. In a sense, the boy turns into father and thereby share the mother.

This describe what was for Freud the wholesome resolution of the Oedipus Complex. Presumably, the boy grows up in search of a lady with a range of his mother’s characters, possibly whilst singing “I desire a female just like the girl who married my Dad”


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