As someone in his 20s, building a solid financial foundation
will be the bedrock of your financial life in your 30s and the
rest of your life.You have a great chance to build your
financial life and here are some financial moves you need to
make now;

1.Opting for a side business
A side business is a job you do aside your main job,if you
have. If you are schooling too it can give you some financial
freedom. It may not earn you so much money, but it sure
would take care of some needs. You could have a separate
account for it and be disciplined in your savings. Such money
could be used to start a real business in your 30s and also help
in emergencies. Your 20s are very important for your 30s, do
the right thing. Do not wait for your 30s to appear before you
take the important decisions of your life. You can start now to
be at your best and avoid regrets later in your 30s.

2.Invest for your future
Starting a retirement plan in your 20s is very advisable . Discover your risk tolerance and decide how to invest, in
order to strike a balance. You may not be earning much now,
but you sure need to start investing, no matter how little.A
word to the wise .. .. ..

3. Do not live in debt
Try as much as possible to pay off every dime you owe. Whatever you cannot afford should be ignored for now. It
means that it is not yet time to have them. So, to enjoy your
30s, learn how to pay off your debt in your 20s. It is a very
smart financial move. Furthermore, do not spend on stuff you
do not need. Like I said, impulse buying should be avoided
by all means. Only purchase necessary items and keep your
sanity intact. If you want to use debt then make money out of
the debt not owe more money from it.

4. Put your financial goals in order. You should be able to have an idea of where you want to go in
life and start now to chart the course financially. Make moves
in order to save and invest for the future. You want to go for a
vacation, own a house, be financially independent? it begins
in your 20s. When you start now to plan your financial life,
you will not have any reason to envy your friends who did
when you get to your 30s and start feeling you cannot
afford a nice life.

~ Ernest Ponedong

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