They say laughter is a medicine….yes it is.
It truly is

Here are 10 short jokes that can make your day a joyous one full of laughter….

1.Behind every successful man there’s a woman…Do you know why??*
Because women don’t follow unsuccessful men 😁👌

2.I hate to see elderly people standing in a bus while am sitting😔
As a good man, I always close my eyes pretend to be sleeping😅😅😅😂

3.Wonders shall never end. A man went to buy poison to kill himself and is still waiting to collect change…*

What does he want to do with the change?

4.I went to deposite fake notes.
Cashier: this money is fake
Me: so what? The money is mine the account is mine. Just keep it in my account, i’m not here to buy anything.
I hate nonsense, 😂😂

5.My sister when you meet your next boyfriend, love him with all your kidneys!!! Your heart has suffered Alot!*


6.Mary was a virgin…
she married a carpenter. You’re not a virgin, you want to marry a medical doctor with PHD.
My sister stop smoking weed…
it’s not good for you!

7.You buy data every week but you still use the same toothbrush since 2012,Nancy you need to be arrest

8.So dad slapped me just because I was looking for my toothbrush in his wallet*

9.If you’re walking with your grandmother and she met her old friend, just find a bench and sleep first.*😅😅

10.Last night, i sent 50k to my girlfriend for her upkeep and she immediately used my picture as her whatsApp profile picture.*
This morning i chatted her up with another number and asked her who was on her DP , she said it was her classmate that died of coronavirus

~ Joel

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