Goodbye my lover.

I pray that I find hope with another.

Deep does the cut go.

Each day will I show.

Ain’t sure I can forget.

Thanks to your father,

We are no more together!

Shrouding my pain with words,

I feel empty and less,

I can’t even dream of a happy tomorrow,

Because I’m filled with this much sorrow .

People always falter,

On the slippery slopes of relationships.

I don’t want to be needed.

I want to be desired.

Admired at the alter,

But if this is to happen later,

I don’t know,

I need an answer!

Oh love!

Don’t ask me to love like I did before,

Because what you ask of me,

Is nothing less but war!

How do I forget us?

Passion isn’t familiarities,

Chatter is a fool’s pursuit,

Your eyes can’t hide what your words conceal,

If it weren’t for poetry,

I’d have died a thousand living deaths already!

Forget my day,

What’s worth being born,

If we aren’t meant to be?

See our future us in a mirror,

See them yawn!

Frightened by the scene that shows much horror.

When you call my name,

I forget all of my fame.

My heart beats faster yet easier.

When you say Junior,

I cry and I see myself to blame.

I’m dumb.

Death with my thumb.

Can’t speak out my heart.

Its painful.

Do you get that.

Just stop,I say.

The price,I will pay.

Its painful!

-by Mastermind The Poet (Khobby Brow)-

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