A deadline to the front line
Dreams at its peak
Shadowless grace is all that I seek
Meekly making the daily news
Weakly falling the monthly dues

Man must survive
I talk not of the streets
Striving to the strife of heated fleets
Nothing round the sound
Nothing to make bound
I’m alive to make it
And in the deep will I dive

Easy it may seem
Yes of course,
Its just a dream
Yet a single glitch
And you are down to the stitch
Make it real from the very source
Get for yourself a dreaming team

Don’t think
Just act because its a fact
When an idea rings up
Compact your pact
Make use and skip a lap
Succeed and leave that failure to sink

Don’t think,
Just act because its a fact!

-by Mastermind The Poet (Khobby Brown)-

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