It seems the apocalypse is here!
The world’s super powers are becoming lame by day.
How frail and weak the systems of this world are becoming with every second she breathes.

The world thought her dreams could only be shattered by powerful, massive missiles
Well CORONA VIRUS just exposed that!
I thought mighty nations had reserves for everything
Today i still believe they do, Except for life.

The sun shines no more
Tears tell a story
Fear narrates reality
Panic heightens uncertainity…

Batman and Zorro wore masks to save the world
But today not all super-heros shine in them.
Yet those masks have flown off the shelves
Like a black Friday Bonanza sale..

Airports have become sanctuaries of misery
Where a sneeze or cough triggers alarm bells.
Children remain nested at home,
their education haulted by the savaging virus thus on a roll.
Tourists are being quarantined, the economy suffers
Nation after Nation borders are sealed.
No going in, no coming out!

Sports fans fume in anger
Not because the referee erred in judgement,
Because COVID-19 struck and left stains of despair
No disco lights or live bands alike…

Self isolation has become the new shade of survival
Soap,water and sanitizers served on the menu.

We no longer dance to the hallelujah we sing
nor bow to the Al-lahuakbar we hail.
No government official leaves the nation for treatment anymore, does that mean we all of a sudden have all technology needed??

But there is hope in all
After all, hope and faith have always kept us strong
Let’s stand taller,
COVID-19 isn’t the sky or the flute in an orchestra.
We shall conquer
It begins with you and I
And the little feeble voice murmuring “hope” ©_Whils


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