8 places on the skin Pimples (Acne) normally appears: What it means.

8 places on the skin Pimples (Acne) normally appears: What it means.

Any changes with the face skin-rashes, spots, or a colour change are alarming symptoms that indicate some diseases. Everyone knows that a person’s appearance is greatly influenced by lifestyle, habits, and nutrition. These have a huge impact on human skin.

Let’s try to understand how acne on the face indicates what’s happening inside our bodies. It all depends on where they appear.

  • Acne on the top of the forehead.

It is directly related to the digestive system- the large intestine and bladder. If there are too many toxins in the food you eat, or if your stomach is simply not able to process the incoming food, your forehead will be covered with acne. If you already have them, try using more food and drinks that are antioxidant-rich: herbal tea, lemon water, and berries.

Acne on top of the forehead
  • Acne on the lower part of the forehead.

This part of the head according to Chinese medicine, is connected with the mind and spirit. If acne appears here, then you probably suffer from insomnia, stress, depression, or poor blood circulation throughout the body. To avoid an increase in the problems, try to go to bed before 11 pm and look for ways to calm your mind. You may need to take a hot bath more often, do your favorite thing or meditate.

  • Acne on the nose.
Acne on the nose

The nose reflects your heart. Acne on it means problems with blood pressure or stress. And again, you need to find time to relax.

  • Acne on the Brows.

Acne in this area may indicate problems with the liver. It can mean that you stick to a high fat diet. Or that you consume too much alcohol. Cut on a high-fat diet and alcohol.

  • Acne on the Ears.

When you have severe acne on your ears, it means you don’t take good care of your kidneys. Common problems: you don’t drink enough water but consume a lot of salt and caffeine. You should take more water and salt at a minimal level.

  • Acne on the Cheeks.
Acne on the cheeks

Acne on the cheeks, chest, and between the shoulder blades are signs of lung overload. You should quit smoking if you smoke and spend less time in smoky rooms. If you don’t have enough fresh air and physical activity, make sure to stroll or jog every dawn or night.

  • Acne on the Mouth and Chin centre.

This area of the body is related to the stomach and small intestine. Acne appearing here is a sure sign that you eat too much fast food or you suffer from constipation. If your acne appears here more often, try eating more fresh, high fiber food, suitable vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain products.

  • Chin angle.

These areas are associated with reproductive organs and kidneys. The rash here may indicate a hormonal imbalance. This may be due to both the menstrual cycle or the chronic hormonal imbalance. Acne here also signifies that you live in a state of constant stress and probably work a lot of overtime.

Note: Rash on the face skin often appear because of hygiene problems. But if you are sure the cause of the acne is something else, you should quickly resort to a doctor’s advice.

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