WHY YOU MIGHT FAIL IN LIFE(Things You Do in Your 20s That Will Ruin Your 30s)

Many are things done, that we end up regretting later in life. Most
are done in our 20s when we ignore the basic knowledge of
taking responsibilities. Often, we wish time could turn and we
do it in a better way. But as they say, time and tide wait for no
man. So, it has already happened, the only solution, would be
to find a way to remedy the effect of our mistakes or to live
with the regrets all our lives. You get it, right? Life moves faster than we expect and we can do nothing
about it; mandatory as it is, those who want to make out the
best from their life, need to focus on relevant things and avoid
doing negative things that would bring regrets to their lives in
their thirties. As a result of this, I have compiled some mistakes you need to
avoid making in your 20s. These mistakes will ruin your 30s, so take heed if you are in your 20s.

Impulsive buying has to do with buying anything you lay eyes
on, even if you never planned to buy it. In your 20s, you have few responsibilities, and you might feel the
thing to do is to spend every dime that enters your hand. You
want the latest things, latest gadgets and you want to have fun. It may not
occur that savings is very important and might be very helpful
at the most critical moments of your life. Savings and
investments can start right in your twenties. When your
thirties come upon you, you would look back to be grateful. So, know your limits. Now that you have got a taste of
freedom, spending beyond your means is critically bad and
could land you into becoming broke in your thirties. By then,
everyone feels you are mature to take care of yourself. What
if there is no plan for your thirties? You are doomed! Therefore, avoid impulsive spending/buying and only spend on things you have budgeted for!

Family would be there for you when others are gone. They
have been the closest people to you since you were born and no
matter what happens, they would be there. They could be annoying
sometimes, especially, if they begin to sniff into your personal
affairs and your freedom. However, they mean well, with
school activities, love life, maintaining a social life, among
others your priorities should not be without carrying your
family along, but it seems people in their 20s give more
quality attention to other aspects of their lives, while the
family is ignored. As time goes on, the relationship you shared
with your family is closed. Before you know it, you are
in your 30s, and that is when you will realise the importance of family and
it would be difficult to connect right back.

Your health is your wealth. Your health must be your top priority. But most
people in their twenties ignore their health and focus on
eating just anything and think they are having the best of life. They club, smoke, and make hanging out their priority. They
take food excessive in fat and sugar. They do not care to know
the consequences of not taking some exercises to keep fit and
burn excess fat. High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer
among others are usually the after effect of these things. And
they think they can not get these in their thirties.

Many in their 20s feel anyone can be their friend. One thing
we need to understand is that our friends are one of the biggest
influencers in our lives. Their influence on us is huge and we
sometimes fail to notice and it affect the decisions we make. Perhaps, one gets involved in the wrong company, one is
likely to be influenced by friends. This has a life-changing
effect and is permanently in a record for life. Many become
die-hard criminals, drug addicts, among others in their 20s. Sometimes, they feel they would change at the right time,
but may not be able to control the effect of these decisions. Do not get mixed up in the wrong groups in your twenties
because it might be the greatest undoing in your thirties.

So there you have it, folks! See you again soon. Take care of yourselves and libe your lives well.

~ Ernest Ponedong

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